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LAN Parties at Brian's House

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This thread is dedicated to discussing LAN parties at my house, as most of you have been there I'll keep this short. For those of you who haven't:

LAN Layout:
Photos during LAN give you a good idea of the layout:

Garage is set up with a number of chairs, and tables year round for LAN's, along two walls and down the middle in a row supporting 15 players, and an additional 2 in the garage.

Overflow seating:
The living room has space for another 5 players, and the kitchen three.

The house is pre-wired (by me) for gigabit Ethernet, I also have a stable WiFi connection now. We have also pre-mapped the electricity for the house to accommodate all the computers plugged in.

Food nearby:
We commonly pick one of the nights of the lan to order from the local pizza place, Fattie's pizza.
They have a great deal $21 for two large 1 topping pizzas, 6 sodas, garlic bread, and a small order of chicken wings.
They also have buy one, get one free on any large. So we often get 4 large's for a crowd of 6-10 people and we feast all night.

There are tons of fast food places, as well as our favorite take out Mexican place "Lolitas" not more than 5 min from my house.

Crashing accommodations:
People who plan on spending the night are welcome to crash, I have two couches plus a single seat recliner to crash in. The main crash pad is the RV on the side of the house which has three sleeping areas, the couch, the table bed, and the queen bed. First come first served.
I also have a number of sleeping mats, and floor space for cots etc.

Hardware Infrastructure:
Teamspeak 3, 200 person NPL license
Fileserver for sharing over 3.5TB of games / files / patches / music / movies etc.
10 Dell Optiplex loaner rigs; Core 2 Quad q6600's 2.4ghz 4gb ram nvidia gt 740 Superclocked 2gb video cards.
If you have any questions or comments please leave them in a reply below:
Posted Mar 16, 13 · OP · Last edited May 5, 15
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Hi my husband and I have signed up for this weekend's LAN party and were wondering how long our ethernet cables should be and what games we should download before arrival. Also, should we bring cash for pizza and how much if so? Thanks!
Posted Jan 29, 15
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None needed, and it's usually $5 for pizza :sick:
Posted Feb 4, 15 · OP